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Explore the Vision of FTX Inu: A Beacon of Decentralization

Dive into the essence of FTX Inu through our Whitepaper V1.0.0, where we chart a course towards a decentralized future, free from the pitfalls of centralized control. Born from the lessons of past failures, FTX Inu emerges as a community-driven force, advocating for transparency, security, and collective governance in the crypto space. Our mission is clear: to dismantle centralized corruption, embrace the power of decentralization, and foster a crypto ecosystem that truly belongs to the community. Join us on this transformative journey, as we not only participate in the crypto world but actively shape its future. Together, with FTX Inu ($FTXI), we're not just witnessing the evolution of cryptocurrency; we're leading it.

FTX Inu Whitepaper V1.0.0

Contract Address: 0x6e2895a8ccca9b23dac76c1cfbf088e9a74bec3c Date: March 03, 2023
Version: 1.0.0



  • ●  Mission Statement

  • ●  The Problem: Centralized Corruption in Crypto

  • ●  The FTX Inu Solution


  • ●  The Fall of FTX and the Need for Decentralization

  • ●  Historical Context of Centralized Failures

    Technical Overview

  • ●  Smart Contracts

  • ●  ERC-20 Token Standard

  • ●  Accounts on Ethereum

  • ●  Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)

  • ●  Automated Market Makers (AMMs)

    The FTX Inu Token (FTXI)

  • ●  Tokenomics

  • ●  Distribution Strategy

  • ●  Initial Liquidity and Lockup

  • ●  No Transaction Tax

    The Decentralized Community

  • ●  Governance

  • ●  Community-driven Development and Marketing

  • ●  Transparency and Trust

Solutions and Innovations

  • ●  Combatting Centralized Corruption

  • ●  Empowering the Community

  • ●  The FTXI Recovery Fund Plan


  • ●  Short-term Goals

  • ●  Long-term Vision

    Risks and Challenges

  • ●  Regulatory Environment

  • ●  Market Adoption and Volatility

  • ●  Technical and Security Considerations


    Mission Statement

    FTX Inu is born from the ashes of centralized failures, carrying a torch for the future where cryptocurrency is truly for the people, by the people. Our mission is to end centralized corruption, highlight the risks of centralization, and advocate for a fully decentralized future in the crypto space.


    In the shadow of centralized entities collapsing under the weight of mismanagement and greed, the cryptocurrency world has repeatedly felt the shockwaves. The downfall of FTX, spearheaded by Sam Bankman-Fried's controversial decisions, has been a wakeup call for the industry. FTX Inu stands as a beacon of hope and resilience, demonstrating the power and necessity of decentralization.

    The Problem with Centralization

    The narrative surrounding FTX's collapse serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities inherent in centralized systems. When power is concentrated in the hands of the few, the many suffer the consequences of their failures. The resignation of key figures at FTX and Alameda Research only highlighted the systemic issues within centralized entities, leading to loss and distrust within the community.

FTX Inu's Vision for Decentralization

FTX Inu embodies the fight against centralized corruption, fostering a community-driven approach where decisions are made collectively, not dictated by a single entity. By renouncing the contract at launch, FTX Inu ensures that it is 100% driven by its community, safeguarding against the risks and failures seen in centralized projects.

Technical Overview

  • ●  Smart Contracts: Utilizing Ethereum's ERC-20 standard, FTX Inu's smart contract framework is designed for transparency and security, ensuring operations are immutable and verifiable by all.

  • ●  Decentralization: With no central authority, decisions are made through community consensus, reflecting the true spirit of decentralization.

  • ●  Security Measures: Initial liquidity is locked for 100 years, and with no transaction tax, FTX Inu prioritizes the safety and interests of its holders.

    Empowering the Community

    FTX Inu's strength lies in its community. With every member having a voice, the project is a testament to what can be achieved when people unite under a common goal. This community-centric approach not only minimizes risks but also fosters an environment of innovation and support.

    The Road Ahead

    Our journey is just beginning. FTX Inu's roadmap is ambitious, aiming to set new standards in transparency, participation, and security within the cryptocurrency space. Through education, advocacy, and the power of memes, we aim to enlighten the industry about the benefits of decentralization, turning the narrative of crypto from one of caution to one of empowerment.


    In the wake of challenges and setbacks, FTX Inu stands resilient, championing the cause of decentralization. Our project is more than just a token; it's a movement towards a future where the crypto industry is truly decentralized, transparent, and inclusive. Join us in this journey to reshape the world of cryptocurrency, making it safer, fairer, and more accessible for all.

    Join the FTX Inu Community

  • ●  Telegram: FTX Inu Official Telegram

  • ●  Dextools: FTX Inu on Dextools

    Decentralization matters — FTX INU ($FTXI)

    Together, we are not just participating in the crypto space; we are defining its future. Be a part of the revolution. Be a part of FTX Inu.

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