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FTXI Tokenomics Overview

Welcome to the comprehensive tokenomics of FTX Inu (FTXI), a decentralized finance (DeFi) asset designed with community governance at its core. Our token is engineered to support sustainable growth and ensure an equitable distribution within our ecosystem. Below, find the key statistics and metrics defining FTXI's economic model:

  • Uniswap V2 Pool Information:

    • FTXI Contract Address: 0x6E2...EC3C

    • Pair Address: 0x60A...7C81

  • Market Dynamics:

    • Market Capitalization: $126.90K

    • Liquidity: $61.50K

    • 24-Hour Trading Volume: $16.48K

  • Supply Details:

    • Circulating Supply: 10.00 Billion FTXI

    • Total Supply: 10.00 Billion FTXI

    • Percentage of Circulating Supply: 100%

    • FTXI Holders: 379

    • Total Market Cap: $126.90K

    • Total Transactions: 8.01K

  • Pool Statistics (Uniswap V2):

    • Pool Created On: November 7, 2022, 16:52

    • Pooled WETH: 7.72

    • Pooled FTXI: 2.48 Billion

    • Percentage of Pooled FTXI: 24.85%

    • 1 ETH: 308.54M FTXI

Token Lock-up: The FTXI token is subject to a 100-year lock-up period, emphasizing our long-term commitment to the project's sustainability and the community's future growth.

Our tokenomics are designed to provide transparency and build trust within our community. By locking the tokens for a century, we aim to underscore the long-term vision of FTX Inu and ensure a stable and progressive development of the ecosystem.

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